"Although we call these the Gurdjieff Teachings, George Gurdjieff did not invent them — because they are ancient teachings. And he not only brought them to the west, he planted them in such inhospitable soil and then nurtured and embodied them for over 30-years until they took root."

 ~ Allan Clews

A Map of 873 Broadview Ave. Toronto


Interested in getting involved or have a question about what is happening? We would love to hear from you.


P. 416-556-6238 (Allan will answer as "The Toronto

    Hypnotherapist" — his day job).


A. 873 Broadview Ave. Lower Level 2, East York, Toronto

    (a 5-minute walk north of Broadview Subway Station)

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Allan Clews the Group Leader

This Group is lead by Allan Clews


Allan was first approached to form a lineage group in 2008 when he was 50-years old and he turned the offer down. Ten years later — after having been a student of these teachings since 1981 — he finally felt as if he had both the "being" and the "understanding" to form his own independent group.


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