An Ancient Earth-Based Spirituality That Can Help Bring Our Species Back In Alignment With This Evolving Planet


According to these ancient mystical teachings, the solution to the problems facing this planet that have been caused by humanity will not be solved by recycling, reducing our dependence on oil, and other popular solutions — but by a fundamental change in our Being.


And this can only really happen on an individual level and one person at a time. Unfortunately, this is one of the the hardest things an individual can do. It is much easier to recycle than it is to "work on oneself" and make the immense effort to become more conscious.

The Ancient Diagram of All Living Things
Ancient Diagram of All Living Things Updated


Two Hundred Conscious People Could Change the Whole of Life on the Earth


"Two hundred conscious people, if they existed and if they found it necessary and legitimate, could change the whole of life on the earth. But either there are not enough of them, or they do not want to, or perhaps the time has not yet come,"  ~ George Gurdjieff


Life Has To Evolve To Adapt Itself To The Needs Of The Earth


“To ordinary knowledge, organic life is a kind of accidental appendage... But there is nothing accidental or unnecessary in nature... everything has a definite function; everything serves a definite purpose. Thus organic life is an indispensable link in the chain of the worlds... It has been said before that organic life transmits planetary influences of various kinds to the earth... [which is also] growing; not in the sense of size but in the sense of greater consciousness, greater receptivity. When the planetary influences which were sufficient for her at one period of her existence become insufficient, she needs the reception of finer influences. To receive finer influences a finer, more sensitive receptive apparatus is necessary. Organic life, therefore, has to evolve, to adapt itself to the needs of the planets and the earth.” ~ George Gurdjieff

The Levels of Being in the Gurdjieff Teachings


If Humanity Does Not Evolve It Will Be Destroyed


“The evolving part of organic life is humanity... If humanity does not evolve it means that the evolution of organic life will stop and this in its turn will cause the growth of the ray of creation to stop. At the same time if humanity ceases to evolve it becomes useless from the point of view of the aims for which it was created and as such it may be destroyed.”

                                                                                                  ~ George Gurdjieff


The Problem


There are millions of species on this planet and yet the top end narrows down to a single species that spans three essence-classes. So if that species messes up, it will imperil everything.


The human brain evolved far too quickly and we have these enormous minds trapped in killer-apes bodies with killer-ape egos. And the real solution to the ecological problems facing this planet lies in working on ourselves in order to learn how to tame our egos.